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1.  I'd like to book!  What is the next step?

If you haven't yet, please fill out my contact form through my website ( or give me a call at 408-636-6969 so that we can chat over the phone for a pre-session consultation.  I will send you pricing in detail and answer any questions you might have.  We will discuss the details of your session so that you know what to expect and I can gather the information I need to begin prepping and planning.  At that time you may submit a contract and pay the session fee if you would like to secure a spot on my session calendar.  The session fee must be paid to hold your spot (  Pricing is subject to change until the session payment is made. 


2. What happens if my baby is born earlier or later than my estimated due date?

Don't worry!  I realize that a baby's arrival is completely unpredictable.  Because of this, I only book a limited number of sessions each month to allow for flexibility.  Once your baby makes his/her arrival, send me a message from the hospital to notify me and we will coordinate on the best day in the week to follow for you to come in for your newborn photo session.  

3.  What happens if my baby or I have an extended hospital stay due to complications?

Just let me know as soon as possible and we will coordinate on the best day to get you in for your session.  The sooner the better but please don't stress about it.  We will make it work even if it's not within the "ideal" time frame of the first 7-10 days after birth.

4.  How many images will we receive/how many photos do you take?

Printed and digital images are not included in your session fee.  During your pre-session consultation we will go over all of my product pricing in detail and you can get a general idea of which products you might be interested in.  Most of my clientele are desiring the digital images.  I provide all options for both digital purchases as well as printing options.  Products include, but are not limited to, canvas, metal, or lustre print options.  I generally take around 150-250 pictures during a typical session and then choose the best 30-45 images to edit and present in your gallery.  I select the best facial expressions, the sharpest images, and the most flattering angles.

5.  Will there be an online gallery for friends or family to see and make purchases?

Yes!  You'll receive a password-protected gallery online after your print/digital/package purchase is completed.  Anyone who wishes to make a purchase should plan to attend the gallery reveal/ordering session 2 weeks after the session.  If you purchase digital images, you are welcome to share with friends and family as long as they will be printing only for personal use and not for any promotional or marketing contests/uses.

6.  Where do you recommend we print our photos if we choose to purchase digital images and print ourselves?

I recommend if you choose to print yourself.  That said, my printing services are the BEST and I recommend using my services for your printing needs.  My monitor is calibrated to the printers at my lab, so the color and vibrancy of the images are true and precise.  

7.  Do we get the copyright to our photos?

Itsy Photography retains copyright to your images, however, you DO receive a print release with any digital file purchase to print for personal use.  (So you can use your digital images and print them as you please at any print store you desire.)  All images taken are the property of Itsy Photography.

8.  Is there a limit to how large we can we print our photos?

Your digital images can generally be printed up to 30"x40."  Special circumstances (low outdoor lighting at sunset, in-home sessions, hospital sessions, etc.) my have a higher grain than this for obvious reasons, and may be limited to size in printing.

9.  What forms of payment do you accept?

Your Session Fee can be paid with:

Cash or check made out to Itsy Photography (ask Ela for address details)

Credit card (I do take over the phone payments if needed)

Venmo (Ela Wunderli)

PayPal ( 

Apple Pay (to my phone number through text)

Acceptable forms of payment for print or digital products and/or packages: Cash or check, Venmo, or Apple Pay.  If you'd like to use Paypal or Credit card for print or digital product purchases,  there is an extra 3% fee incurred.  Maryland sales tax (6%) will be added to all product purchases. The minimum package amount is due the day of your session.  Upgrading to a bigger package can be done at any time afterward. 

10.  When will my images be ready?

It generally takes me two weeks to edit images for each session, depending on how busy I am at the time.  If you purchase digital collections, I will send you the digital download of your collection via a link. 

11.  Where does the session take place?

Studio sessions take place at my home studio located in Silver Spring, MD and outdoor sessions take place at the location that we will coordinate on.  

12.  Can we include ourselves and/or a sibling or pet in our baby's session? Grandparents?

YES!  I encourage all immediate family members to participate in any and all sessions done with me.  It's all about family, right? If you bring pets, advance notice is required, as well as a kennel for any animals brought into the studio. Grandparents are also welcome (no kennel required) ;)  Please let me know in advance so I can be ready with accommodations for sitting room. 

13.  What should we wear for the family images (newborn session)?

I recommend parents and siblings keep clothing choices very simple for a timeless look and to keep the focus on the baby.  Solid colors, and layers are great for matching family members together.  We will go over this in detail when planning for your session.  I'm here to help.   If you prefer a skin-on-skin look, Dads can plan to be shirtless and Moms can bring a strapless bra so that we can wrap her top half with a simple wrap for a bare-shoulders look.  Natural colors are suggested for makeup and nails. I HIGHLY suggest getting your hair and makeup done professionally for your session.  This is a big deal for you... you deserve it!

14.  What outfits are best for my baby's one-year session?  How many outfit changes should I plan for?

We will coordinate on outfit styles and colors for your baby's session.  He or she will need at least two cute outfits.  I will provide headbands and can even provide outfits if needed!  Ask Ela for details.

15.  Do I need to bring any baby outfits or accessories for my newborn session?

Nope!  I will provide all outfits, hats, bonnets, and accessories for your newborn.  If you have a sentimental item you would like included, please let me know in advance and I will do my best to incorporate it into my session planning.  If there are any looks that you love (or don't love), please let me know so that I can accommodate your wishes.  

16.  How long will the session last?

Newborn sessions generally last between 2 and 4 hours to allow for variety, feeding breaks, and intricate posing.  I like to keep sitter sessions limited to 45 minutes and one-year and family sessions to about 1 1/2 hours.  Any longer than that is too much for the littles. Family sessions typically last between 1-2 hours depending on your family situation.

17.  How much should I expect to spend on my print products and/or digital images?

It all depends on what products you are interested in!  The minimum product purchase is  $600 and my average client spends between $1,000-$3,000.  When we meet for our pre-session consultation, we will go over all of my products and pricing in detail so that you can get an idea of how much to budget for your images.

18.  How far in advance should we book our session?

I recommend booking your newborn session in your second trimester or early third trimester to ensure a spot on my session calendar.  Session spots are limited and generally fill up a few months in advance. For all other types of sessions please schedule at least 2-3 months in advance.  If you would like to include your one-year photos on invitations or display them at the party, I recommend planning for the session to take place a month in advance to ensure everything is ready on time.  If I'm not available for regular sessions at your time of need, I do offer to open extra sessions up.  The charge for this extra session (last-minute sessions) is $150 and is added on to your Session Fee payment.

19.  Can I take photos or video during the session?

No cameras or camera phones are allowed at your session please.  

20.  What time of day do sessions take place?

All outdoor sessions are in the evenings before sunset.  All studio sessions take place between the hours of 9am-2pm.  

21.  Are you vaccinated?  Is the studio clean enough for my newborn/baby?

Yes!  My family and I are all current on our vaccines.  I am a Pediatric RN, and strive to keep all baby environments free of germs and general icky-ness. I use hand sanitizer at all times, and clean worn items between each use.  

22.  Can I have my baby boy circumcised before his newborn session?

It's best if you can wait until after your newborn session to have the procedure performed.  If you cannot wait, you will need to give him a week to heal before his session. Your baby will be in the buff for the majority of the session and we do not want to risk an infection or aggravating the wound.  Ask Ela for details regarding this matter.

23.  Do you photograph multiples (twins, triplets, etc.)?  Does it cost more?

Yes!  I love working with multiples.  Please contact me for additional fee information and fees.


24.  If your schedule is full or I have already had my baby is there ANY way I can get in for a session?

YES.  The extra charge to open up a spot when I'm already full or if your baby is already born is $150.  Please contact me to see if this is a possibility for your session.  


25.  Do you offer unedited/raw images?

I do not offer unedited images.  All images in your purchased collection will be high resolution, large format files.  I'll be doing the selection process for your gallery and you can choose your favorites when the gallery is ready.


26.  Do you shoot any video during the session?

Oh yes!  It's important to me to get some video footage for every regular session!  It's a nice addition to your video montage and will be available to add on to your package if you'd like.  Videos are a WONDERFUL way to share your entire gallery with your family and friends.  Your children, especially, will thank you when they're older.  There's nothing quite as captivating as a baby watching themselves when they were littler. 


27.  What if my baby's nap time changes to earlier or later than we planned for our session?

Please let me know a week in advance if nap time has  changed drastically and we need to schedule the shoot for a different time than we originally planned.  Also, feel free to text or call me the day of your session to let me know if nap time is all wonky on your big day.  (It happens!)   We like to keep nap time a SACRED event on photo day- it's essential for having the best possible session.  I try to be a bit flexible on the time but I do plan my own babysitting needs around you so advance notice is appreciated!  Ideally, we will be shooting photos within 30 minutes of your baby waking from a nap.  So have your car packed and ready BEFORE your baby wakes from his/her nap so all you have to do when they wake up is put them in their car set.  You can feed them on the way or at the studio between scenes.   

Any further questions???

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